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Benefits to a Full Week at a Colorado Dude Ranch

Why do all CDGRA Ranches offer and encourage a week-long stay?

Planning a vacation is always something of a balancing act. But if you plan ahead and give yourself “permission” to take the week off, you’ll be glad you did.

We know you will get the absolute best experience out of your dude ranch vacation if you can stay at least 6-7 nights. While some of our ranches can be reserved for shorter three-night stays during peak travel seasons, a full week is highly recommended for several reasons:

It Takes Time to Unwind

Anyone who has ever had a too brief of a vacation can tell you that it normally takes two or three days just to unwind, unplug from all the electronic devices we surround ourselves with, and forget about the school or work issues that were sitting on our minds. It’s not that those first few days can’t be enjoyable – especially if they’re filled with adventurous activities – but there is a natural period of time it takes to fully ‘engage’ with your vacation and ‘disengage’ from work/school.

Our guests tell us this is a vacation like none other. You can truly connect with nature, the ranches’ animals, and your family in an environment that does not promote TV’s, phones, or game consoles. But in this fast paced world, it does take some time to ‘disconnect’.

There’s a Lot to Do (and Love)

For most of the people who come to visit us, the available activities are completely different from what can be found close to home. You or your kids might be interested in horseback riding, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, skeet shooting, or even something as adventurous as an overnight pack trip.

If you’re only with us for a few days, it can be hard to find the time to do it all, particularly if you also want to spend a relaxing afternoon or two fishing, reading a good book, or sitting by the pool. Additionally, some activities are only available on certain days, so having a week to play with gives you the flexibility to experience everything.

The Dude Ranch Experience is Immersive

One of the things about a Colorado dude ranch vacation that makes it so special and unique is that it isn’t just a set of activities, but an overall change of pace and immersion into a different lifestyle. When you stay with us, you’re literally trying out a different way of life: ranch life.

Taking a week can change your perspective in ways that a shorter visit simply cannot. First you ‘disconnect’ from your day to day life, then you immerse yourself in ranch activities, and finally you take the time to simply enjoy your surroundings and the peace and quiet that comes standard in our Rocky Mountains. You end up feeling refreshed, invigorated, and possibly even have a new skill set or two!

Whether you’re looking to get away with your family, take some time with that special someone, or just break out of your everyday routine, why sell your vacation time short? A few evenings off might be nice, but a week of unplugging from technology, uninterrupted adventure and immersing yourself in a new lifestyle is so much more valuable. Spend six or seven nights with us, and we can guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

Request a brochure today to start your search for the perfect week at a Colorado Dude Ranch.

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