Rough Rides and a Soft Bed

Life on the ranch is anything but rough. Comfy beds, charming western décor and some pretty nice amenities. Soft towels, rich shampoos, and soap — which might even be made by local artisans for some dude ranches. You might also find coffee makers, a mini-fridge and snacks in some cabins.

Get the full Western experience.

Each all-inclusive dude ranch is different. And some could be considered more luxurious than others. But we inspect each member ranch regularly for cleanliness, neatness and make sure it’s up to our strict standards.

Along with all the modern conveniences you’ll get lots of rustic and even historic charm. Antique quilts and comforters, vintage dressers and old poster beds. It wouldn’t be much of a western experience otherwise. And there won’t be locks on the doors or air conditioners. They’re simply not needed for obvious reasons. There are no TVs, phone or Internet connections in the rooms either, although they may be available in the lodge. With all there is to do you won’t need them.

There are lots of quiet places for reading, napping and enjoying the lost art of conversation. Board games are plentiful. Front porches have wildflower planters and hummingbird feeders. And there are more than enough rocking chairs for everyone to just relax and enjoy the Colorado Rocky Mountain scenery.

Bed and breakfast.

Spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery, cozy accommodations, comfortable beds and delicious breakfasts. It’s the perfect getaway. A place for couples to celebrate a special occasion or just each other. And for families to experience ranch life, if even just for a little while. Some dude ranches are not open year-round or have minimum night stays, so check to see which ones will work with your plans.

Food & Dining

Dude ranches have come a long way since the days of cornbread and beans. The menus have expanded considerably to include just about everything you can imagine. “Cookies” have evolved into classically trained chefs, serving gourmet dishes and healthy alternatives, along side all the old camp classics.

Ready for the best Colorado ranch vacation of your life?