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We are very pleased to add you to the long list of travel agents who help their clients experience a lifetime memory by visiting an all-inclusive Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch. We know you have many important questions about Colorado Dude and Guest Ranches.

Question: What does “Inspected/Approved Ranches” mean?
Answer: Inspected/Certified by the Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association is as important in our business as “Member of ASTA” is in yours. Each of our association member ranches is regularly inspected to be certain our standards are met for such things as…

  • Cleanliness
  • Food quality and preparation
  • Emphasis on providing a true western experience
  • Horse program safety
  • Ratio of horses to guests
  • Condition of the horse herd
  • Level of horseback riding instruction
  • Hospitality

Question: How does the travel agent benefit by sending clients to a Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association ranch?
Answer: Financially!

  • Most Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch ranches welcome your business and happily pay your commission.
  • Many ranches pay commission on the entire stay – lodging, meals, and activities.
  • When you send a client to a Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch you also earn commission for associated services.
  • The client is virtually guaranteed to be satisfied with any agent who sends them to a Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association ranch.
  • Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association ranches make it easy for you to satisfy your client.

Question: Are all Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association ranches pretty similar?
Answer: Certainly not.

  • Sizes from 18 to 150 guests.
  • From rustic to ritzy
  • Hearty home style ranch cooking to gourmet
  • Folks of all ages welcome, some 3 & up, some 6 & up, some adult only
  • Accommodations in cabins and/or lodge

Question: What can my client expect at a Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association ranch?
Answer: Fabulous scenery and surroundings.

  • Snow capped mountains
  • Rushing rivers
  • Unbelievable vistas
  • Abundant wildlife often including deer, pronghorn, coyote, eagle, elk, beaver, moose, and more.
  • Horses matched carefully to riders of any level.
  • Guided horseback rides over beautiful terrain
  • Western hospitality to make even the “newest” guest feel instantly accepted and at home because of the unmistakable atmosphere of friendship at every ranch.
  • Attentive staff – “TLC” defined
  • Wonderful weather (no need for air conditioning even in July and August)
  • Always available – Meals, Lodging, Guided horseback riding – hours of it, instruction included, Hiking, A genuine measure of exclusivity since relatively few people are able to enjoy a CDGRA vacation each summer.
  • Typically available – Country western entertainment, Cookouts, Hayrides, Square dancing, Jeep rides, Guest rodeos, Fly fishing, Game room, Ghost towns, and numerous other western experiences their ranch hosts will help them arrange like trips to National parks, rafting, pack trips, local events, and more.
  • Often available – Swimming, hot tubs, tennis, shooting sports.

Question: How can I help my client find his/her ranch?
Answer: We try to make your job easy.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association online at www.coloradoranch.com
  • Familiarize yourself with our printed vacation guide
  • Pinpoint the ranches that look best for your clients.
  • Request literature from selected ranches. Confirm with these ranches their space availability and willingness to work with you on commission.
  • Put your client and the ranch in direct contact with one another. Many ranches insist on or strongly encourage this. Fitting the guest to a ranch is a highly personal event. Let the ranch help you close the sale. The ranch will honor your right to earn commission in such circumstances.

Question: What is the difference between a dude ranch and a guest ranch.
Answer: Different names for the same thing!

Question: What else do I need to know?
Answer: Nothing, really.

  • Know that ranchers stand ready to answer your questions.
  • Know that you can always contact the Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association office at 1-866-942-3472.


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