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Experiences with Cattle

These are the most authentic ranch experiences you can have.

And you can choose to be as involved with the livestock as you want to be or just watch from a distance. Of course, some of our ranches have no cattle… some have large herds. Feel free to call any of our all-inclusive ranches to get more details. Meanwhile, here are some of the experiences you can have with cattle.

Cattle Gathering – Ride out to a pasture in the morning or afternoon to round up the cattle and bring them back to a corral. Possibly for team penning later.

Team Penning – You and your team select one or more animals to separate from a larger herd, then drive them across the arena, into a three-sided pen. Getting the bovines to do what you want can be both challenging and hilarious.

Cattle Drives – Gather and herd cattle from one pasture to another to prevent over-grazing and preserve the land. Cattle drives are seasonal and can involve pushing livestock up into federally-leased land in the Colorado’s High Country or, in the fall, bringing them back to deeded ranch land. Check with individual ranches for details.

Cattle Work – Help doctor sick animals, brand calves, check salt, water and fences. And do the things make a working ranch work.

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