At One Point or Another, Every Kid Wants to be a Cowboy

We just never quite grew out of it. And we are happy to pass along everything we know, including our passion for the outdoors and the value of hard work to the next generation.

An all-inclusive dude ranch vacation is a family-friendly vacation. And we make it is easy, with babysitting and programs for younger children plus more advanced opportunities for older kids and teens. Many of our ranches have counselors, trained in childhood development, who lead fun and educational programs.

Some of the all-inclusive activities available to kids include learning about horses, horseback riding, gold panning, building and floating wooden boats, archery, campfire building and swimming. Some ranches have rides designed just for kids such as a ride to a hot springs or a candy factory in an old mining town. There’s always something fun going on for kids.

Be sure to ask individual ranches about the minimum age of children allowed, about the duration of the activities, whether parents participate, when kids eat and if they eat with their new friends or meet up with their family for meals.

By the end of the week, guests know each other and they know the staff by name. New friendships are forged. And once a family experiences a dude ranch vacation they’re likely to come back year after year. The kids practically feel like they grew up in the mountains of Colorado. Not a bad way to spend a childhood. And, we think, an adulthood, too.

Ready for the best Colorado ranch vacation of your life?