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What to Bring and Wear to a Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch

Colorado dude and guest ranches know that most of their guests spend their lives in an urban environment. In order to help them make a smooth transition to mountain living and horses they send guests a complete list of what to pack, what type of weather to expect and details on how to travel to their respective properties. Colorado dude and guest ranches are often isolated and located on country roads, so they know how best to get guests to their property with a minimum of hassle and anxiety.


Riding boots are the preferred attire at the ranches. If guests don’t have boots, most ranches can provide them. Hiking shoes are not recommended. Rain slickers are also provided.


Many guests underestimate how pleasant the Colorado summer climate is in the mountains. Expect cool mornings, warm (70-80 degree mid-day temperatures) and cool evenings. Be sure to bring a jacket, hat and sunscreen, and wear them everywhere. Sunshine at altitude can be quite warm at times. There’s an old saying that it showers every afternoon in the mountains and that’s generally true. Warm days almost always cool down before nightfall.


A couple pair of jeans, a clean shirt each day, and a sweater to layer with a jacket is all guests need. Shorts and sandals work on most days, but most people are more comfortable on horseback in long pants and boots.


Many ranches provide fishing gear, mountain bikes, helmets, and other outdoor equipment. Simply check to see what’s available. All the ranches have well-stocked stores where guests can purchase most items they’ll need in the event they forget to bring something. The ranch store is a great place to find a special Western-style souvenir.