Family Reunions Made Easy at a Colorado Dude Ranch

3 Unknown Secrets About Family Reunions at a Colorado Dude Ranch

When it comes to pleasing all members of the family, no one else comes to the rescue quite like a Colorado Dude Ranch. It’s tough planning a family reunion. With so many varying interests and personal tastes, where do you start? The answer: right here!

Kids Unplug From Technology and Reconnect With Family & Nature

Kids only get to be kids once. We want ranch kids and teens to ‘get a little dirty’, try something new (like horseback riding, archery, rock climbing), and leave the ranch without pining for their phone or PlayStation even once. We have yet to hear those dreaded 3 little words; “Mom, I’m bored!” over the past 83 years and we don’t anticipate we’ll be hearing them anytime within the next 83 years either. We keep’em busy with good ol’ fashioned fun and comin’ back for more.

Grandparents & Non-Riders Have a Blast

You don’t have to ride a horse to have a great time at a Colorado Dude Ranch. Our goal is to bring families together and offer a variety of activates and yes, even down time, for families to simply reconnect! Whether you want to fish, hike, or simply spend the afternoon on the porch swing enjoying the sweet sounds of nature, we have plenty to occupy the non-riders in your group. And for the youngest members in the family (0-3 yrs old), many ranches have sitters available during the day to ensure everyone in the family is able to have a little fun!

Mom & Dad Actually Get a Vacation Too

Think about the last family vacation you took. Now, think about how much organization (meals/activities), shuttling, and planning fell on your shoulders? At our Colorado Dude Ranches we want the adults in the family to get a vacation too! We take care of feeding the family 3 hearty farm fresh meals a day, picking up after the family (daily maid service in your cabin or lodge room), and offering every age group activities for the day. All that’s left is for you to sit back and enjoy the ride!

Family Reunion Planning Guide

Planning your reunion is now a snap! Here are 3 simple steps to turning your dude ranch reunion dream into reality.

1) Request a FREE Brochure and DVD to get you a snapshot overview of pricing/location/capacity. We also have a DIGITAL BROCHURE for you to share with the family. All of our ranches are ALL INCLUSIVE to help make budgeting and planning a piece of cake.

2) Narrow down the dates that work best for your family. All of our ranches offer week long packages (best value!) and some offer 3-4 night packages typically starting on a Saturday/Sunday. Call our office 1-866-942-3472 for more information.

3) Call the ranch(es) of your choice to confirm availability and then to book! They will take good care of you from there. Some ranches offer airport transfers (small fee) while others refer guests on to our Association Travel Service 1-800-729-5521 for the best transfer options.

Our ranches start booking for summer 12-18 months out! So right now is the best time to start your ‘3 simple steps’ to planning an unforgettable Colorado Dude Ranch Reunion! See below for a complete list of activities you’ll find at our member ranches.

  • Hiking

    There are many ways to explore the wilderness and hiking happens to be one of Colorado’s most popular pastimes. Hit the trails sans horse for some hiking. In fact, there are some places you can go with a good pair of hiking boots. Many ranches offer guided historic tours, nature walks and hikes to summit some of the Colorado’s tallest peaks.

  • Fishing/Fly Fishing

    Some guests come just for the fishing. A chance to wet a line along stretches of private or leased Gold Medal rivers and explore secluded ponds with their family. Many of our dude ranches can outfit you with the latest gear or put you in touch with a seasoned outfitter for instruction and guided trips. Check the list of dude ranches to find out what packages are available and which ones specialize in fly fishing.

  • Swimming

    The Rocky Mountains cast long shadows in the late-afternoon while rain showers often move in to cool things off. If that doesn’t work there’s always the heated pool. Looking up at the summer sky while floating in cool water or lounging poolside is a great way to relax after a long ride or hike. Some ranches offer ponds and streams with swimming beaches and decks. Of course, if you just want to dunk your head in the horse trough that’s okay, too.

  • Campfires and Cookouts

    Campfires aren’t just for warmth. They bring people together for conversation, stories, songs and the occasional marshmallow. Even the ambiance of a fire crackling away in the lodge can put a sparkle in your eye. In the high country, campfires are a way of life. Camp cooks love to create over an open flame. The meals are usually more elaborate than you’d think. From Dutch oven soufflés and cakes to stews and steaks. Campfire cooking is mighty tasty.

  • Hayrides and Horseshoes

    Hayrides are great for families, kids, or bring your significant other and a blanket and you’ve got a date. And horseshoes, a leisure-time activity that can get surprisingly competitive, is fun at any skill level.

  • Overnight Pack Trips

    Get away from your getaway with an overnight pack trip to a remote place in the timbers high on an alpine meadow. It’s still not exactly roughing it since the meals are hot, the bedding soft and the tents dry. Most dude ranches have their own recipe for what awaits at the end of the trail. Some offer half-night trips for kids who just want a taste of camping. There’ll likely be singing, ghost stories and campfire treats where the stars are bright and coyotes serenade you to sleep.

  • Evening Entertainment

    There’s a creative side to every mountain. Live music, cowboy poets, weekly barn dances and even rich stage performances are part of the package at many of our dude ranches. TV doesn’t even come close.

  • Educational Opportunities

    Colorado’s Rocky Mountain scenery is more beautiful when you know what you’re looking at. Many dude ranches have naturalists on hand or bring in experts on geology, archeology, wildlife and ecosystems for tours and lectures. Most staffers know the local history. So if you ever have a question, just ask. Curiosity is always welcome.

  • River Rafting

    Float a class-one river with a fly rod or paddle through class-five whitewater. Most dude ranches offer a time in the week for rafting. Our dude ranches contract with the best, most reputable outfitters around and an excursion is sometimes covered in your ranch rates or discounted so don’t forget to ask.

  • Kayaking

    Not offered as part of a standard package but this sport is growing in popularity. If you’re interested in Kayaking, ask before you book to see if it’s an activity that can be arranged.

  • Four-Wheel Drive Trips

    There’s another way to see the sights and sometimes you need a day out of the saddle. 4x4s can take you to some pretty scenic places high in the Rockies, through old ghost towns, abandoned gold mines and into deep woods. Getting there is more than half the fun.

  • Side Trips

    Every great vacation needs a little side trip. Then again, wanderlust is what brings people to the West in the first place. Trips to historic monuments, quaint mountain towns, resort villages, gold and silver mines, narrow-gauge railways to local attractions and for shopping can be arranged.

  • Mountain Biking

    The sport of Mountain Biking grew up in Colorado. If you’re a mountain biker bring your gear. If you’ve never tried, you’ll be surprised what these low-geared, rugged bikes can do. Many ranches have loaner bikes or can arrange a rental with a local bike shop. Not only is it great exercise, it’s another great way to see wildlife and spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery.

  • Rock Climbing and Hot Air Ballooning

    So you’re not afraid of heights? These are activities that are not typically offered at our ranches but arrangements can be made, depending on the location of the ranch. Again, call ahead.

  • Tennis

    Only a few ranches have tennis courts. However, arrangements can be made to go into a nearby town for those who can’t call it a vacation without a match or two.

  • Golf

    The Colorado Rockies are home to some incredibly scenic, world-class golf courses. Many are not far from our ranches. Check with each dude ranch to find out more about the links and if they suit your style of play.

  • Saunas, Hot Tubs and Spas

    After all that adventure, you have to get yourself ready to get up and do it all again the next day. All our ranches offer a place to soak. Some have a camp hot tub and, at some ranches, each cabin has its own private hot tub. Several have saunas, spa services such as massages and one even has its own hot springs.

  • Shooting Sports

    Here’s another way the West still lives. Many ranches offer target shooting and sporting clays like trap shooting and skeet courses. All practiced with the utmost in responsible gun handling and safety. Some dude ranches have vintage western firearms for you to try or for shooting demonstrations. Check with individual dude ranches for available shooting sports and age restrictions.

Ready to have your family reunion at a Colorado Dude Ranch?