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Colorado Dude Ranches: A Technology Free Vacation

‘Unplug’ and reconnect the family:

5 secrets to creating your most memorable family vacation of all time


1) Slow Down & Turn Off The Technology


Being on a dude ranch is one of the only places left where time seems to slow down and families can simply enjoy being with each other without the distraction of our ever-present technology.There is something special about being away from it all, in the mountains, on the back of a horse and not thinking ONCE about what lay in your inbox or your voicemail. Although you will find the cabins and lodge rooms have all of the modern comforts you’d find in your own home, there will be no TV or gaming system to entice the lil’ buckacroos. A dude ranch is a place where you can truly turn it all off and tune back into what matters: spending quality time with your kids and creating lasting memories for them. With so much to do, see, taste, and experience on a Colorado Dude Ranch, you’ll be surprised to find that your fear of separation from your mobile device or TV is far easier than you could have ever imagined. Tell us what you look forward to turning off first on our Facebook page!>>
2) Let The Kids Get As Dirty As They Can


At a dude ranch, kids will stretch their imagination to the limit, explore new things, and find a sense of independence that is nearly impossible to find in a busy city or even the suburbs. Children from 3-12 and, yes, even your teens will find unique pleasure in the simple things such as brushing and saddling their own horse, making forts in the woods around the ranch, or shooting a bow and arrow for the first time. In short: kids learn how to be ‘kids’ on a dude ranch without using technology as a crutch. Boredom just doesn’t happen at a ranch. You’d be amazed by how many legendary campfire stories come from retelling the adventures that lead to the dirty boots and soggy socks. Read more about children & teen activities here.>>>
3) Grandparents Make Grand Memories


Do you have a special memory with one of your grandparents? Most of us do. We see, year after year, more grandparents choosing a Colorado dude ranch to take their grown children and/or grandchildren to. There’s a good reason for this. They want to leave lasting memories for their families and know that the simplicity of being in nature and getting back to our roots brings people together. Our grandparents grew up in a different era where things were simple, and to be honest, bonds were stronger. Our ranches re-kindle that spirit of simplicity and togetherness every day on the ranch. Start planning your next Family Reunion here>>
4) Try Something New


Whether it’s whitewater rafting, trap shooting, or even stepping into the saddle for the first time, you’re going to have plenty of opportunities to try something new at a Colorado Dude Ranch. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone! Kids might learn to pan for gold, rock climb, or tend the ranch’s farm critters (gathering eggs, feeding the goats & chickens etc). You’ll even find paintball, zip lines, and rodeo games (running the barrels for instance) that catches your fancy. There is something special that happens when the whole family embarks on a brand new adventure together: all without turning on a game console. Those types of memories last a lifetime! Explore more dude ranch activities>>
5) Make It A Tradition


(Each year this family visits their favorite ranch they add a check mark to their family brand in the dining room!)

You might at first be thinking: I’ve had a dude ranch on “my bucket list” for years and we FINALLY have our trip booked. So now we can cross this trip off the list! However, consider yourself properly warned: dude ranching is an addictive experience! You might be surprised to know that our ranches average a 60-80% (or higher) return guest ratio…. What does this mean? Most families get bitten by the dude ranch bug and return year after year to continue adding to the stories that started the previous summer. Come find out for yourself what hundreds of families, couples, and individuals have already discovered: the magic & memories you find as soon as you ‘cross the cattle guard’ at a Colorado Dude Ranch.

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Planning Your Colorado Dude Ranch Vacation

Once you have wrangled up a little R&R on one of our many all-inclusive Colorado Dude and Guest Ranches, it is time to really sink your spurs into all of the features life on the range can offer. Colorado Dude and Guest Ranches have all the grit and adventure of the West but with the charm and comfort to make it the ultimate vacation. The possibilities of what you can do on each of the ranches seem to stretch as far the big, beautiful Colorado sky. From campfires to cattle drives there is never a dull moment.

Each ranch has all the adventure and intrigue of the Old West but yet refuses to compromise on comfort, amenities, great food, and activities. The Great American West lives on at an all-inclusive Colorado dude ranch. A Colorado dude ranch is one of the few places left for families to reconnect with each other and with nature. This is what makes a dude ranch vacation the ultimate family getaway and truly a unique experience.

Your family memories are awaiting you and are as close as a phone call away at 1-866-94-CDGRA (23472). We would love to answer any questions you may have about any of our dude ranches and an all-inclusive vacation with our one of a kind western hospitality or click here to get started planning your dude ranch vacation.


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