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Colorado Dude Ranch Stays: The Original “Learning Vacation”

Over the past few years, sociologists, travel planners, and work-life balance experts have been re-examining the meaning of “vacation.” What are people looking for when they travel? Why do people travel? And what do folks hope to come home with after their trip. Ready for the simple answer: learning vacations.

This isn’t just a buzz word. Learning Vacations are about trying new things, changing your mental perspective, and coming home with a sense of accomplishment. In other words, by challenging yourself in new ways, your vacations has just been taken to the next level.

Of course, this is something Colorado Dude Ranches have known and understood for a long time. You might even say we are the ‘original’ learning vacation. It offers you a convenient and affordable getaway that leaves you the sense of energy and fulfillment rather than a sunburn and a hangover.

Consider this:

Learning Vacations Challenge the Mind

The traditional view of vacations used to be that they were all about getting mental rest. Psychologists now know, however, that feeling renewed isn’t so much about doing nothing, but simply changing the challenges you face.

In the same way that a good game of poker or chess can be fun and intensive at the same time, a vacation where you learn new things can involve both effort and relaxation. By trying something like horseback riding or archery, for example, you challenge a different part of your brain you may not have before. This gives you a break from your existing routine, and brings a new sense of ‘value’ to your vacation time.

Why Do People Travel?

A Common answer we hear to this question is that people travel to learn about a new community, culture, or group of people. Try new foods, learn a new skill, or simply expose their children to new experiences they cannot get at home. At a Colorado Dude Ranch, we take you back to a time and lifestyle that is much different than the one you likely live in today. Learning to tie a fly to fish, or how to saddle your own horse are skills still taught daily on the ranch.

You are likely to drive away from your vacation feeling re-energized and eager to continue your newly learned skills at home.

Colorado Dude Ranches Let You Learn With Animal Teachers

The best lessons are learned through experience, and Colorado dude Ranches let guests connect with nature and animals daily. In particular, we can teach you about horse care and riding, interacting with wildlife, and even caring for newborn animals.

These kinds of activities have been proven to be calming and good for your emotional health. They offer a chance for learning that is fun, rewarding, and a break from the pressures of the modern world. Animals and nature in general give honest and immediate feedback. How refreshing to learn something new in that kind of direct-feedback environment.

When was the last time you took a vacation that truly left you feeling accomplished and ready to take on the world? Maybe a Colorado Dude Ranch Learning Vacation is right for you. Request a brochure today for more info.

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